STRICTLY 18+ ONLY: Video of the Devastating effects of drug known as “dopes Crocodile” or “krokodil”


A new drug called krokodil—a homemade synthetic opiate stronger than heroin made from petrol and codeine—that gets its reptilian name because it turns addicts’ skin scaly, while eating them from the inside, rotting the brain and limbs before invariably killing its users.

When we got there we found that the krokodil whispers were becoming louder and more insistent, verging on mild yelling, like the sound you make when bolting upright in your bed from a wide-awake nightmare.

1russia-krokodil-drugAfter having made devastations in Russia, drug “Crocodile” comes to make its appearance in Western Europe (suburbs northern France, southern Belgium.) Discovered in Germany, the authorities warn against the damage caused by this substitute of the heroin which can kill as of the first injection. The skin initially necroses, being transformed into greenish plates resembling the leather of the crocodile. but yet youths still go for it…I wonder if its now in Nigeria, So I decided to warn our beeming youths who are ever ready to taste anything that will get them higher than they are already.

russian_drug_krokodil-ttnwDownload the video below and be warned…Don’t forget to warn all your neighbours too.

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